Who We Are


Greg Kieser, Founder

Greg Kieser, Founder

Greg Kieser, whose university and independent studies of complex systems science form the operating thesis of the company, founded Supersystemic.ly after more than a decade overseeing a portfolio of technology initiatives at an NYC-based poverty-fighting foundation. His work at the foundation was driven by a complex set of metrics for measuring the impact of investments on the economic, physical and mental well-being of low-income New Yorkers. Supersystemic.ly and the firm’s first publication, Dear Machine, unites his unique skills and knowledge in technology, social investing and complex systems science.


Advisors/ Collaborators


Harish Bhandari is a digital communications professional interested in how technology will impact humans in the coming decades. He also serves on boards for the New York City Anti-Violence project and for the Stanhope Centre for Transcendental Studies which is currently investigating why humans work.