What We Seek

What We Seek

We have invested in two for-profit companies and have supported a handful of non-profit companies. All of the companies are innovating in ways we believe are inherently “supersystemic” and thus are helping prepare humanity for the arrival of superintelligent entities. To understand what that means, read our thesis or our first publication, Dear Machine. Following is a working list of innovations we are seeking to support. Most of these don’t exist yet, but we believe will exist in the coming years.

  • Regenerative agriculture using robotics, drone, vision, sensor and artificial intelligence.

  • Legalization of psychedelics so they may be used medicinally and recreationally.

  • Large-scale biological ecosystem restoration by and for indigenous and/or disadvantaged groups.

  • Holistic solutions to the opioid crisis.

  • Transformation of suburbs (lawns, sporting fields, parks) in Western countries into food-producing ecosystems.

  • Spread of “supersystemic” perspectives through events and festivals or via physical storefronts in strategic locations - (eg. agricultural areas and inner-cities that have suffered the most from industrialization)

  • Crowd-sourced and/or blockchain-based economic development so communities may by-pass government control of resource allocation decisions.

This is a short list we are looking to expand. If you understand our operating thesis and want to add to this list, or are a supersystemic innovator looking for support email us at info@supersystemic.ly. We have limited funds and a very specific thesis so have to be very selective, but will review and respond to all requests.