Operating Thesis

At we believe that;

  • The emergence of machine superintelligence is inevitable and will have a significant and lasting impact on humanity.

  • Those of us alive today are, through our activities and the data they produce, training nascent artificial intelligences that will one day give rise to one or more machine superintelligences.

  • We have an enormous responsibility to “train” existing, nascent artificial intelligences so their descendants create a world in which human well-being and environmental stability are optimized and prioritized.

Further, we believe that;

  • All systems on Earth form one interconnected “supersystem” or “gaia” including, not just natural systems, such as forests, oceans, the human body and microbiome but also man-made systems, such as economic systems, industry and markets, as well as ideological systems, those that facilitate the proliferation of ideas and ideologies from human mind to internet to TV to mind, across the whole of humankind.

  • Monoculturization of the component systems of the supersystem is the primary phenomenon that drove humanity to rapidly grow in population over the past 10,000 years.

  • Growth through monoculturization exacted a great cost on human well-being and environmental stability.

  • Appreciation for diversity, complexity and the internconnectedness of all systems is wildly undervalued by humanity’s most dominant institutions; governments, corporations and universities.

Today, we recognize that;

  • There are emergent innovations in several different disciplines that solve humanity’s problems through reversing monoculturization (eg. boosting diversity and complexity).

  • The word “supersystem” and the phrase “supersystemic thinking” can be meaningful tools for discussing innovations and perspectives that respect diversity, complexity and the interconnectedness of all systems.

We therefore:

  • Are dedicated to increasing humanity’s readiness for the emergence of superintelligent entities through the study and spread of “supersystemic” perspectives and innovations - those that increase diversity and complexity of earth, economic system, human body and mind as a means of solving humanity’s most intractable problems.

To that end: